Do you currently own a business, and would like to be able to give your customers a more environmentally friendly shopping experience? Are you tired of having the same old plain shopping bags, and would like to have your business stand out amongst the others? If that is the case, you will want to look into having custom shopping bags made for your company. A custom bag can make your company stand out. Not only will you put your business on the map as an environmentally friendly company, but you will get your brand out there and seen. This article will discuss the benefits of custom shopping bags by Howard Packaging.

Why Have a Custom Bag?

A custom shopping bag can do a variety of things for your business. First and foremost, you will be getting more advertisement simply because of the fact that your name will be seen more and more. Another benefit of having a customized shopping bag is that you will have many different options to choose from when you are designing the bag. You don't have to stick with just plain colors such as black or white. You can even have your logo added to the bag too.


What are Some of the Different Paper Options to Choose From?

When designing your customized shopping bag, you will usually have several options to choose from. First off, you will want to choose what kind of paper you will be using. The first kind is called Natural Kraft paper. This is a 100% recycled paper, with at last 96% post-consumer recycled paper. In addition to Natural Kraft paper, there is also Versa Kraft paper. Versa Kraft paper is a little different from Natural Kraft paper because one side is white, and it is made from at least 86% post-consumer recycled paper, rather than 96%. Finally, if you do not want Natural Kraft or Versa Kraft, you can always choose White Kraft paper. White Kraft is made from approximately 40% recycled and 40% post-consumer recycled paper.

Finally, when it comes to having a customized shopping bag made for your company, getting your brand out there and noticed as an environmentally friendly company is very important. You will attract a lot more clientele and can, therefore, increase your company's bottom line. If you would like to find out more about designing a customized shopping bag, check out custom printed packaging by Howard Packaging for more information.